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GradPath is your portal to graduate student professional development programs at Western.  It highlights information and resources you will need to succeed at each stage of the graduate journey, from coursework through comprehensive exams, thesis writing and publishing to the job search after graduation. 

Whether you are looking for help with grant writing, strategies for overcoming procrastination or opportunities to develop your conference presentation skills, GradPath will lead you to the programs on campus that will help you develop competencies you need to succeed in teaching, research and professional practice.

6 Things you need to attend in september

6 Things You Need To Attend in September

Fall Perspectives September 2TATP September 4ITA Day September 8

SGPS Orientation September 8TA Day September 9Homecoming September 25

The following articles may help to ease your transition in the first year of graduate school:

How to survive your first year of graduate school:

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